K9 Units at Your Service

Elite Private K9 Units for Drug, Explosive and Bed Bug Detection

What is Intervention K9 Inc.?

We are a security agency offering security guard, detection dog handler and security patrol services.

We started the company as K9inspection Inc., offering detection services. We have continued to evolve by adding security protection to our services provided. In 2019, we became Intervention K9, the private K9 unit company with the best field experience in the province.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We therefore offer top-notch service within the legal limits.

Our detector dogs at the service of your safety

Drugs and explosives detection

Our teams have been specially trained to safely detect drugs, explosives or firearms in all environments.

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Bed bug detection

With an efficiency rate of up to 98%, our dogs are more reliable and faster than exterminators in detecting the presence of bed bugs.

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Training and education

We offer our services in detection dog and handler training.
Our extensive field expertise is at your service!

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Certified handlers and highly trained dogs

We are very proud to provide you with handlers certified annually to ensure the meticulousness of our services independently.

For you, this means that our highly trained dogs will find what’s to be found, without false signals. You’ll get it right, safely, every time you call on us.

Our dog teams are effective in all surroundings

We make sure to train our dogs to be effective in all types of surroundings!







Do you care about safety in your environment?

We provide you with canine teams with the best training and experience in the field for drugs and explosives detection.

Efficient professionals!

Services Adapted to Your Reality

Our specialized teams are trained to adapt to you and your environment. With our expertise, we are ready to advise you how to best use our services. You can also count on the discretion of our dog handlers when working and at all times.

We take the time to understand your needs so that we can offer you a service specially adapted to your reality.

Efficient services within your budget

We realize that there my be budget constraints, which is why we offer competitive rates.

We Work Throughout Québec and Canada

We are happy to work anywhere in Québec. The dog handler and his faithful companion will travel to the site by vehicle or by plane, whether it is in a major centre or in northern Québec. We also cover the rest of Canada for commercial clients.


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