K9 units at your service

Intervention K9 Inc. is a company offering services of dog handlers in detection and security patrol. We started the business as K9inspection inc. by offering detection services and we have evolved by adding security protection services. It was therefore in 2019 that we became Intervention k9. We are the elite of the private k9 units in drug , explosives and bed bug detection .

Why us?

Specialist: Dog handler

We are specialized in dog teams (detection dogs, security team). Our promise is to offer you the best service with the canine teams having the best training in drug research, explosives and bedbug detection.

Priority is placed on customer satisfaction and quality service within legal limits. In addition, we are aware that there are budgets to be respected and that is why we offer you competitive rates.

Certified dog handler

With this in mind, our dog teams are certified every year. Concretely, this assures you, in detection, that our dogs will find what there is to find and that without false signals. As for our patrol and intervention teams, you will meet calm and safe dogs ready to intervene when necessary.

Adapted services

We have your needs at heart and that is why we will take the time to understand what you need to offer you a service specially adapted to your business. Our hours are flexible and we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether it is repetitively or just once.

Our specialised teams are trained to adapt to you and your environment. With our expertise, we are ready to advise you on the best way to use our services. You will also be able to count on the discretion of our handlers during their work and that in any occasion.

From one end of Quebec to the other

We travel everywhere in Quebec. The handler and his dog will travel by vehicle or plane, we go to large centres as well as to remote regions of Quebec.


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