What is a bed bug?

  • A parasite that feeds on the blood of people
  • They are more active at night than during the day. They flee the light!
  • Adult: pale brown in color, oval in shape, may be between 4-7 mm in length and between 1.5-3 mm in width.
  • Newborn or nymph: more transparent and pale. Difficult to see!
  • They can survive under several conditions. They are resistant to heat and cold if the temperature does not change quickly. Some even become resistant to chemical treatments.
  • Usually feeds 5-10 days but can survive up to 1 year without eating.
  • A well-nourished female can lay 3-4 eggs per day.
  • Don’t jump and she has difficulty climbing
  • Moves at the speed of an ant

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

  • They are often found in or near beds, box springs or headboards. On the other hand, they can be found practically anywhere during a big problem or in places like residences for the elderly since there are many common rooms.
  • They can even be found in wall corners, moldings, electrical outlets before a treatment and even after a treatment that has not worked properly.
  • Please note that not everyone is bitten and some people do not react to bites.

The best way to spot bed bugs?

Use of the dog

Man’s best friend has long been proven effective in detecting drugs and explosives, but it is just as effective in finding bedbugs!


A human with careful research will find only between 40% and 60% bedbugs, but a dog will be at a rate of 90% to 95%. That’s not all, the dog will do it in much less time.


The dogs’ performance will even allow them to report only bedbugs or live eggs and ignore dead individuals. This is great if you’ve had treatments in the past but the problem persists or if you want to confirm that the problem is fixed.


Why use our teams? We are the companies performing the most canine detection in all fields in Quebec. It’s simple, detection dogs are our specialty. You will have a fair and independent portrait of the situation in order to have peace of mind.

Rates: Rates start at $ 150 in Estrie for a house or apartment and $ 250 in the Montreal region.

How to get rid of bedbugs:

Our specialty is to tell if there are live bugs and where they are


We are not an exterminator, but here is what is offered on the market. We can of course help you find an exterminator following our visit.


  • Steam treatment: Using a very hot steam this allows to treat small problematic areas such as a vehicle, furniture or others
  • Chemical treatment: eliminate them with pesticides. It can be dangerous for us and our animals then to use with care, but it allows the treatment to take some time.
  • Heat treatment: Furniture, a room or an entire house is quickly heated to treat a problem that is common in many places.
  • Freezing: Consists of quickly freezing clothes, books or other objects that can go cold.


It is of course possible to use several methods questions to use all possible tools!