Tracking dog : The utility of this dog is to follow a trail on the ground or near the ground. In reality, it is a dog who, with the help of the dog handler, tracks suspects or recently missing persons. It is seen in the hunt for game with what is called a blood dog which helps hunters find animals that have injured.


Detector dog: The most common type of dog we see! Their job is to do detection and therefore to search. The most well-known types of work are drug detection (narcotics), explosives detection (bombs, firearms), accelerator detection in suspicious fires, and bedbug detection. However, there is no limit. Anything that has a smell can be used. We see them less, but there are detection dogs for insects, for example in greenhouse crops where one type of insect can be a pest. There are oil dogs to look for leaks on large underground pipes. There is also cell phone detection in prisons and more! Even crazier? Dogs can be used to detect cancer, other illnesses, and even bacteria in hospitals.


Sniffer Dog : The dog sniffs, but sniffs what? Basically this dog may be a tracking or detection dog. He could also do search and rescue. Sniffer dog is a term that is imprecise since sniffing is what the dog does, but that doesn’t say the dog’s goal!