Dog detection training

We offer dog training for all types of detection.

  • Drugs
  • Explosives (bomb)
  • Fire arms
  • Bedbugs
  • Cellular
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Insects (one or more varieties)
  • Specific products
  • Diseases

There are no limits only that there must be a smell so contact us!

Dog handler training


Our training is not based on a number of hours or a list of theoretical courses to follow. The work of a dog handler in detection does not take place behind a desk with books, but in the field in real life!

This is why our training is based with a single objective: an independent certification

A certification like that of the American Working Dog Association is assessed by a qualified trainer who is independent from the handler, but also from the person who trained the dog with the handler. This evaluation allows an independent opinion which would have real value before the courts, but also towards our training. The certification which is done annually thereafter confirms the maintenance of the team’s skills during their career.

By its scenarios in unknown places and its evaluation criteria, it is also a good way to show that the dog team is ready to start going on the field.

We train canine units which can then work in the private sector in the following specializations:

  • Drug detection
  • Bed bug detection
  • Firearms detection
  • Patrol dog handler (private security)
  • Intervention dog handler (private security)
  • Detection of explosives / bombs (under conditions)

Our trainings include theory to fully understand how detection and the dog work, but the dog training side takes most of the time.


Start of next training: September 19, 2020

Duration: The trainings are given by half-day period (4 hours) and this by group of 3 to 5 teams. The total duration of the training is not fixed since some will reach the objective more quickly, ie certification. The skills of the handler, his commitment and the abilities of the dog as well as his age will vary the duration, but it can be estimated between 2 months and 1 year.

Location: In Sherbrooke, in our training room of over 5000sqft

Dog: We use shepherd dogs like the German Shepherd or the Malinois, but also hunting dogs like the Labrador, the pointers, the Golden Retriever, the spaniels or others. You can already have your dog that we will assess or we can help you find a dog that will suit your needs.

For all information please write to us by email or on our Facebook page. We can send you the details, costs and registration form.

IMPORTANT: This training is not intended to train canine interveners, behaviorists, dog trainers, or other profession that advises clients with behavioral and dog training problems. It is only intended to train handlers in specific areas of drug detection, bedbugs, explosives or other substances as well as protection.



Sale of trained dog


We offer the trained dog venter according to your needs. We therefore train the dog for you and then we train you to make good use of your partner’s abilities.

It is possible to buy a dog already trained in the following areas:

-Detection of bed bugs

– Drug detection

-Protection dog for patrol and intervention (private security)

-Biological detection (insects, bacteria, disease or others according to your needs)

-Detection of explosives


We select the following breed dogs for their quality and ability. We choose the dog according to your tastes, according to availability and also according to their future use.

-German shepherd

-Belgian Shepherd Malinois

-Dutch Shepherd


-German Pointer, Weimaraner, Hungarian Pointer

-Spaniel (English, French, Breton)


Our dogs are sold with training and they are ready for independent certification. In addition, we perform a complete health check including blood work and x-ray of the hips.

We then offer you to continue training in order to maintain your abilities with the dog and we invite you to our seminars / certifications with specialists from other countries.

For a quote please contact us