Drug detection

Personalized services as needed. Our dog handlers work in all environments

  • Private and public schools
  • Public enterprises
  • Transport companies
  • Construction companies
  • Events
  • Remote camps
  • Private residences
  • Boats and trains

Our dogs detect the following drugs / narcotics and their derivatives (Contact us for your exact needs!)

  • Marijuana, Hash
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin, Opium
  • MDMA, Ectasy
  • Methamphetamine, amphetamines

We can do preventive detection with regular visits according to your needs in order to ensure a presence and find the substances if there are any. It is the ideal and popular option for all schools and for risky businesses.

Detection in intervention mode in order to resolve a known problem in your community, whether it is to join us in your internal investigation or because you have a specific problem.


Contact us now to discuss your needs and we can give you a quote.

Explosive detection

Our dogs are trained to detect the scent of explosives and firearms in all environments using a reward when giving a scent alert. Our training includes real scenarios to offer maximum quality since our teams are not allowed to make mistakes.

They can therefore be in crowds to prevent events or our teams can do inspections of buildings, rooms, luggage, vehicles and any other place at risk.

We are already in the biggest events and shows in Quebec. We know the needs of touring teams and we meet their requirements.

We can be present to carry out inspections, search for suspicious packages / bags, but also to do dynamic research on people on the move. This technique makes it possible to secure a large volume of people even before they arrive at the excavation.

Our dogs are trained to detect all common types of explosives. In addition, they are independently certified annually by the American working dog association.

Since the subject of explosives is more sensitive, several information will be provided only to customers during an information request and submission.

We are committed to providing professional, bilingual and certified teams. They are also kept up to date in training courses on explosives detection and risks around the world.

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Patrol dog team

We offer you our services to patrol your festivals, buildings, construction sites, establishment, grounds or others with our well-trained dog teams. The dog handler holds a security guard license with the Private Security Bureau and is accompanied by his well-trained dog. They are specifically trained to use the dog well in order to patrol, manage situations and protect your property. A canine unit is equivalent to several security guards due to the dog’s smell and hearing. That’s not to mention the strong impression the dog gives!


When we are looking for a canine unit that will make a good impression while being able to intervene, it is our patrol teams that we want to call us!

Intervention dog team

These teams are even more specialized than the patrol teams. Dog handlers are even more trained (handcuffing, searching, telescopic baton) and they have more experience in dealing with more tense situations such as big events, festivals, demonstrations or others. Dogs are even more self-confident, more dissuasive and desensitized to anything that could happen (fireworks, smoke grenades, obstacles, etc.). These teams can really work in all environments and most importantly to be effective at work in all situations.

When we are looking for a real canine unit that will do the job in all situations, our canine intervention teams are the ones we want to call us!