Several options are available for improving security in your workplace or home. There are new technological solutions created every year! But none of them can really compete with the advantages of a well-trained detector dog! Indeed, dog teams are highly effective in detecting drugs, explosives or even bed bugs!

We’ve put together a list of 5 of the benefits of using a detector dog.


The impressive efficiency of the dog is a surprise to many!

In fact, under the right conditions, our dogs have the ability to inspect more than 800 lockers per hour for drugs or more than 20 dormitory rooms for bed bugs. That’s clearly more than a human being could do, even with tools to help!

Our dog teams effectively cover a very large area in detection, but also in security, by relying on the dog’s biological abilities to spot and track suspects in large facilities.

During training, dogs are taught to bark on command, which can also be used as an effective deterrent!

The Dog’s Olfactory Capacities

The olfactory capacities of dogs are impressive! Did you know that the dog’s brain is capable of memorizing more than 100,000 different smells? In fact, their sense of smell is said to be 1 million times more acute than that of humans! Dogs are therefore able to detect minute odours in rooms, boxes, clothes or packages, sometimes even weeks after the object has been removed. They pick up smells that are imperceptible to humans!

During training, we test all the incredible natural tools that the dog has. We use his great memory, his impressive olfactory capacity and his excellent sense of sight and team up with him to offer you effective security services.

Savings in Time and Money

Using a dog team also saves money!

Their efficiency and biological abilities save time and manpower that would be needed to do the same job. Our dogs are much better than humans at searching for bed bugs or drugs. They don’t need to move everything or open packages to do the job. Thanks to their sense of smell, they can do it remotely!

Fewer Risks, Fewer Accidents

Using a drug detection dog makes it possible to target the precise location of drugs, and thus to conduct a safe search.

The presence of our dogs in your workplace will also help to reduce the risks associated with drug use within your establishment.

The advantage of using dogs is no longer in question when it comes to the detection of explosives. Our dogs work safely, with a high rate of efficiency, to secure your site. It’s not worth it to take risks.

The Objectivity of the Detector Dog

A detection dog has no preconceived notions, as it relies solely on its nose! For example, at the entrance to a festival, the dog’s sense of smell will allow it to detect the target scent without discrimination for age, sex, skin colour or style of dress of the people present. Humans influenced by prejudice, often even subconsciously, tend to target particular people in order to be more effective. Not so for dogs!

As far as bed bugs are concerned, we are also able to detect them objectively! Firstly, because we are not exterminators and therefore have nothing to gain from positive signals, but also because our dogs do not signal false positives! For you, it is the certainty of having the correct information about the situation in your home or in your establishment.

In Conclusion

For its efficiency, olfactory capacities, lower costs, objectivity and accuracy, we consider that the dog remains the most effective detection solution to date!

With our training surpassing that of our competitors, we are proud to offer you the best dog teams for your needs.