Yes! There is a difference between the detection of explosives and the detection of drugs! The former obviously requires more caution than the latter!

Basically, detection is, put simply, a game in which the dog follows a scent to get its reward. However, the method of searching for the scent varies! So as to avoid accidents, we have dogs that are trained exclusively to detect explosives or firearms and others that are only trained for drugs.

So what are the main differences between drug detection and explosives detection?

Detection of explosives

Detecting explosives requires many more precautions than finding drugs. The danger is definitely not the same! The wrong approach could lead to detonating a bomb, resulting in material damage or loss of life. The result would be disastrous.

A meticulous job

Detecting explosives is a meticulous job. We have to train our dogs to be able to carry out their work with great care. This is a question of safety.
In this respect, we prefer dogs with a calmer nature for explosive detection training. If you compare them to the dogs we train to search for drugs, you will find them more methodical in their work.

The remote signal

When we train our dogs to detect explosives, we teach them to keep a certain distance from the scent before giving their signal. As mentioned earlier, a bomb detection dog should never touch the scent with its nose or paw, as this could detonate a bomb in the field.
In the same vein, we will also not have them climb onto the furniture until they have secured the area to avoid triggering a device.

Drug detection

When training our dogs to detect drugs, we let them search more freely, as the dangers are much less. They simply have to follow the scent cone, sometimes even jumping onto furniture, without any problems.

Proximity to odour

In drug detection, we want the dog to get as close as possible to the scent before giving a signal such as sitting or lying down. The ultimate goal is to help us search for the drug.
However, we teach the dog not to touch suspicious packages, as ingesting drugs could be very dangerous to its health.

Call on detection professionals

There are many advantages to using detection dogs, but it remains very important to deal with professionals like us for your detection needs, whether for drugs, explosives or bedbugs.

We can advise you on the best use of our canine teams for each specific field. Our training and experience in the field allow us to explain in detail the best way to work. Our dogs are certified annually by the American working Dog Association.